Hygiene Trainings must be concluded by July 5, 2014

To the attention of our members,

In accordance with the “Hygiene Education Regulation” published in the Official Gazette and came into force on July 5, 2013, hygiene training is obligatory for the staff employed in “food production and retail” workplaces.

The staff who participates in the trainings offered by the Public Education Centers under the Ministry of Education, General Directorate of Lifelong Learning will receive a certificate and the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock will control the certificates during its workplace inspections.

As the hygiene trainings should be completed within a year after the regulation has entered into force, staff trainings must be completed by July 5, 2014.

Please contact the Public Education Centre in your province to organize the training.

Please visit the link for the Hygiene Education Regulation.

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Hygiene Trainings must be concluded by July 5, 2014
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