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The Association of Turkish Nut and Dried Fruit Industrialists and Businessmen (TÜKSİAD) is a business association founded on 17.03.2008 by a group of businessmen active in the nut and dried fruit sector who are dedicated to the development of the sector, to strengthening the role of both the sector and its businessmen domestically and internationally, and to the development of the country.

The TÜKSİAD Board of Directors and its members strive to progress the association and at the same time to solve diverse problems faced by the Turkish nut and dried fruit sector and to advance the sector.

As a sector-based non-governmental organization, TÜKSİAD seeks to put more effort and engage in harder work to provide better services for the industry and the country.

The main objectives of TÜKSİAD are as follows:

  • to increase the social and professional skills of its members and employees, who, in turn become individuals that are open to sharing information and achieving professional development through experience,
  • to contribute to the institutionalization of the companies in the sector, help these companies become long-lasting and solid by organizing meetings and visits to national and international training and consulting programs,
  • to develop the consumer culture of Turkish people and to contribute to the diversification of nuts and dried fruits, their excellence and healthy production, and to help the tools and machines used in the production of these products meet world-class standards,
  • to bring together nut and dried fruit producers and machine manufacturers at fairs, seminars and meetings to facilitate information sharing, and
  • to contribute to the development of a healthy market by ensuring that its members are equipped with both professional skills and national and moral values.
About / Tuksiad
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